Data Conversion/Migration

On our Custom Software and Programming Services page you will find the many different types of software solutions that Century can produce to address your business needs; but what about your existing software infrastructure and investment?  Can Century assist you to leverage your existing resources?

Century has had great success in extracting valuable business data from legacy systems for conversion and migration to newer systems.

Our approach to Data Conversion and Migration starts with an interview with you as to what you know about your current systems and the technologies they employ. Typically, thereafter, we will be granted some level of access on your network via VPN or a monitored connection such as a WebEx, to research the systems and to develop a strategy for the conversion and migration. In some cases we find that we can use the technology as it stands to do an in-place conversion and migration; in other cases we will either write a software utility to completely convert and migrate the data to the newer system, or we will write a software bridge that will allow your new software to interact with your legacy system (see Application Software and Systems Integration under Custom Software and Programming Services).

Each Data Conversion and Migration engagement is different from the last, but we are confident in our approach and our technologies.  We can guide you through the process of needs assessment, testing, implementation, and validation of your Data Conversion and Migration solution.

Century uses best-in-class technologies and associated best practices to implement our Data Conversion and Migration solutions. Our conversion and migration utilities are generally built on the Microsoft .NET Framework and utilize technologies such as Open Database Connectivity (ODBC), ActiveX Data Objects (ADO/ADO.NET), Object Linking and Embedding (OLE DB), Data Access Objects (DAO), the Microsoft Jet Database Engine, and Microsoft SQL Server, among others. If a non-Microsoft or Operating System independent solution is needed we might develop your solution using the Java platform with technologies like Java Database Connectivity (JDBC), etc. We have been successfully able to interact with various Database Management Systems (DBMSs) such as Oracle, SQL Server, Microsoft Access, MySQL, DB2, Sybase, Paradox, etc. In addition to SQL based Relational DBMSs we have had success converting Flat-File based databases (XML, CSV, and other delimited types), Hierarchical Databases, Object-Oriented Databases (OODBMSs), and various proprietary data layers utilizing legacy hardware such as CD Jukeboxes, etc.

Data Conversion Migration