Century's Process


Since Century is designing custom software for you, we a have consultation with you to listen carefully and fully understand what you want your new custom software to accomplish, how you would like for it look and work.


Century’s process can include an analysis of your current process for which you are wanting custom software.


To make absolutely sure that we understood the details from the Consultation session, and from the Analysis if that step was included, Century prepares a document that states what you want us to deliver. This is to ensure that we have the details correct so that our software development provides the correct solution. Our document makes it easy for you to visualize the end product custom software so you can confirm that we have the details correct. This is also a good time at which you may want to add features or functionality that you would like to include in your new custom software.


The Development step includes the actual software development coding, from initial to final, along with our testing, then your testing, Century making any suggested modifications, re-testing, final adjustments.


Delivery, installation and training are the final steps. Century is there with you to ensure that your implementation is successful, and if unexpected issues arise, Century is there to help resolve those issues.

Century Software Technologies